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MDes International Design Strategy

In the current context of globalization, understanding other cultures and other value systems is a major asset for every designer. The International Design Strategy programs offer a tremendous opportunity for design students from all over the world to discover and comprehend différent cultures. These MDes programs encourags the exploration and acceptance of different cultures within an applied, interdisciplinary context.

Practicing design in a cross-cultural context

Brazil, Canada, China and India are experiencing extremely rapid economic growth and Bénin a significant digital development ; they offer designers extremely strong career and market opportunities and raise challenging design issues. The International Design Strategy programs were set up in these key cities, each with a rich cultural past and prosperous economic fabric, and offering exciting design prospects: Cotonou in Benin, São Paulo in Brazil, Montreal in Canada, Shanghai in China and Pune in India. Students enrolled in this master’s degree program will immerse themselves in the local life and economy of one of these destinations.

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique also offers a program taught in Nantes that encourages the exploration of French culture in an applied interdisciplinary context: Le Studio France.

These MDes programs lead to the Master’s level degree (Diplôme de design) certified by the French Ministry of Higher Education.

Les programmes MDes International Design Strategy

MDes International Design Strategy / Africa Studio

In this programme, taught in French, students will work in multicultural teams on projects focusing on societal, ecological and environmental issues and will try to answer the question of how to put design at the service of the population and its surroundings.

In partnership with the Africa Design School


MDes International Design Strategy / Brazil Studio

Located in the heart of a downtown campus, the Brazil Studio offers a bilingual program that allows an accelerated acculturation the Portuguese language and the Brazilian context. This MDes program deals with topics related to social and environmental issues (mobility, health, distribution, education, food, access to energy, waste management, environmental issues) and its specific characteristics (high population density, multiculturalism, natural resources and local crafts, democratic construction ...).

Program in partnership with Mackenzie University


MDes International Design Strategy / China Studio

Throughout this program, students will learn to decipher the uses and to better understand the Chinese market in order to propose a coherent project adapted to the users, with an anthropological approach to design. The aim is to enable these young designers to work in any international environment and thus become a contextual creative.

In partnership with the University of Shanghai, China


MDes International Design Strategy / India Studio

India Studio offers students a unique opportunity to specialise in Social Innovation and Design Thinking. In India, students experience design practice as a positive social lever on everyday life and in the professional world, with a global approach.

In Partnership with MIT Pune


MDes Internationa Design Strategy / Le studio Montréal

 This program is only open to students who validate their undergraduate studies at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique.

In partnership with Centech, startup accelerator of l’École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS), the top public engineering school in Montreal, this program allows designer students to immerse themselves in startups powered by the first French-speaking incubator in North America.


MDes International Design Strategy / Le Studio France

Ce programme encourage l’exploration de la culture française dans un contexte interdisciplinaire appliqué, et offre une formidable opportunité de réaliser des projets de design dans un contexte multiculturel. Les étudiants travailleront sur des projets et workshops en lien avec une de nos 5 thématiques, rattachées à nos Design Labs : Care Design, City Design, Digital Design, Food Design, Media Design.

Ce programme, spécialement conçu pour les étudiants intégrant l’école en cycle master et accessible après validation d’un Bac +3 en design suit un rythme différent pour permettre une bonne intégration et une meilleure approche de la méthodologie telle qu’enseignée à l’école par les pratiques de design.