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City Design Lab Team

A multidisciplinary team

Florent Orsoni
Director of the City Design Lab

After co-founding the architecture and design agency Crysalide, Florent Orsoni worked as advisor to local authorities, the Design for All Foundation in Barcelona and for French ministers on matters of accessibility, uses and Design for All. He has also taught at l’Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées (continuing education), Paris V university (masters) and is a member of the steering committee for the journal Technicités for managers and engineers in the public sector.

President of the AFNOR commission on accessibility and built environment quality standards (during his presidency material was written on signposting and fire evacuation). He has been directing the Banque Populaire Grand Ouest - LIPPI design-led research chair on Connected Environments. Today he heads up the programs and activities of the City Design Lab.

Anaïs Jacquard
Course Leader City Design MDes programs

With a state diploma of architecture and a BTS (higher technical certificate) in spatial design, Anaïs Jacquard has built her professional experience on architecture, space design and training. She has also worked on digital tools for observing territories in the MorphoLab. With her multidisciplinary background, she has taught project practice at different levels, supervised workshops on epistemology of architecture, science of forms, cartography and has taught applied computer science.

Clémentine Laurent-Polz
Chef de projet - architecte DPLG

Après un diplôme d'architecte d'État avec mention recherche, Clémentine Laurent-Polz obtient son diplôme d'architecte DPLG en 2007. Depuis, elle articule son parcours entre maîtrise d’œuvre, recherche et enseignement. Après s'être forgé une expérience pratique du métier à différentes échelles de projets (du bâtiment public à l’installation ouverte au public), elle ouvre son champs de compétence au domaine de la recherche, de la prospective et de l'expérimentation à l'échelle de la micro-architecture. Ses domaines de prédilection s'articulent autour des thématiques de la ville durable, de l'éco-construction et de l'accessibilité pour lesquels elle a participé à la rédaction de plusieurs guides et ouvrages (Vert, quel architecture? Editions universitaires européennes, Guide Maisons à Énergie positive, CERMA et Guide « Construire sa maison dans un démarche durable », CAUE 44). Elle développe également une réflexion prospective sur la ville à travers différents projets (exposition Paris +2°C, Mairie de Paris et conférence "Habiter en Loire-Atlantique en 2030", CAUE 44 - CDLA). Depuis 2013, elle encadre sur ce sujet un workshop prospectif intitulé Utopies urbaines. Depuis 2010, elle poursuit en parallèle son activité en libéral.

Depuis 2012, Clémentine Laurent-Polz assure le suivi en tant que chef de projet d'un contrat de recherche sur l'accessibilité du patrimoine bâti ancien protégé (animation d'un site web dédié, rédaction d'articles, analyses de cas pratiques....).

Giulia Sola
Project officer and interior designer

Giuli Sola was born in Italy. Her passion for the visual arts steered her towards an education in design, allowing her to combine aesthetics with technology. As a graduate of Politecnico di Milano in Industrial Design, Giulia had the opportunity to study product design for one year at the Norwegian National University of Science and Technology (NTNU). During her studies she collaborated with a design agency (Sergio Brioschi Design: furniture, lighting, accessories, etc) in Milan before joining an interior design firm (Caputo & Associati: boutiques, stands, apartments, etc) based in London and Milan. In 2006, thanks to a grant from the European Commission, Giulia came to work in France at the sailing school in Les Glénans. She specialized in naval architecture with a diploma from ENSAN of Nantes and worked as an artistic director for the interior design of yachts. After spending time in Italy, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States, Giulia has made her home in Nantes as a designer.

Giulia participates in creative activities in partnership with the City Design Lab.

Zélia Darnault
Editorial content officer

Zélia Darnault holds a Master’s in history of art and architecture as well as a DIU (postgrad diploma) in applied sustainable development. She is specialized in the role of design and art in sustainable cities. After promoting accessibility and working at the French Committee for Sustainable Development (Comité 21) on questions of company involvement in sustainable development, she joined L’École de Design Nantes Atlantique in 2013.

Zélia works in the City Design Lab as editorial content officer for Bouygues Immobilier and the Ministry of Culture and Communication.,