Highlights and actions

The experimentation Chair’s action programme is based on three highlights: questioning, prototyping/demonstrating and disseminating.

With a view to sharing and disseminating knowledge, each item that is worked on in the workshops will be presented to the general public.

Crossover workshops: from data to service (September - October 2014)

Objective(s): to define methodologies making it possible to combine services, urban scenarios and data capture and to question complex data representation tools

Technical partners: UTSEUS, ComplexCity Lab

Location: Shanghai, Nantes

Presentation(s): Innovation Week, Shanghai, 28/10/2014, Demo Day, Nantes, 27/11/2014


Objective: to question the methodologies related to data capture, information processing and service definition

Partners: Aire 38

Location: Nantes

Presentation: June 2014

The Chair’s foreshadowing workshop: Sense in the city: March – June 2014

Objective: to define the processes and design issues surrounding smart cities: from sensors to data and from representing to designing space.

Technical partners: Nantes Métropole, Samoa

Location: Île de Nantes

Presentation(s): inauguration of the Chair (23/06/14), at the connected cities conference, a new challenge for people involved in real estate and sustainable building, as part of the IBE master’s program from l’Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (25/09/2014) and an Innovation Week organised as part of 50 years of Franco-Chinese friendship, in collaboration with UTSEUS, Shanghai, (27/10/2014)

Open conference

Objective: to share around the major themes of connected environments and their implications for the organisation of work and the city

Partner: Bruno Marzloff

Location: Nantes

Presentation: on 13/01/2014