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// Paulo Cornec & Bastien Tercinier

Discover the video "XtraView"

XtraView is a headset equipped with rangefinders designed to help visually impaired people, particularly people subject to loss of visual field.
How can we use technology to compensate for a temporary loss or decrease in sensory acuity?
We wanted to create a connected object that could compensate for a loss of vision using vibrating technology linked to a system for detecting obstacles.

This system is made up of several rangefinders integrated in a headset worn by the user. The sensors are fitted to a track so that they can be perfectly adapted to the user’s handicap. The headset can detect obstacles from up to 2 meters. There are many potential users, particularly people with glaucoma who suffer from tunnel vision, patients with one eye or people suffering from hemianopia (a complication which sometimes arises after a stroke).
The vibrating effect is produced via 3D printed bracelets which contain two vibrating motors. Each rangefinder is connected to a bracelet. When an obstacle is detected by the sensor, the vibrations become stronger.
Regarding the long-term development, we would like to miniaturize the technology as much as possible so that the device could be fitted onto a spectacle frame. This system could also be used by healthy users to alert them when obstacles are approaching on either side when they are absorbed in a task. It would also work for certain sports like skiing, motocross or cycling where the system could be incorporated into a helmet.

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