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// Martin Jules

X-T-E-N-D gives a second chance to used clothes.

Martin was inspired by the ancestral custom of recycling fabrics in India.

The street Tailors are involved in the project.

Watch the project full video

India’s recent opening-up to the international market is increasing the living standards for part of the population while at the same time creating new consumer habits. The ancestral tradition of recycling used material is being lost and India’s environmental footprint in terms of consumerism is growing. Each item of clothing in the X-t-e-n-d range can be transformed after use into a new product. Street tailors are then involved in creating the item’s second life, guided by printed patterns and embroidery. The estimated life cycle of the raw material from the clothes is increased by 2 to 3 years. A fair, inclusive and sustainable business model made in India.

" India and many of its neighboring countries have been undergoing an alarming humanitarian and environmental crisis for several decades linked to the fashion industry. The aspirations of large retailers and the phenomenon of “fast fashion” are giving rise to substantial environmental and human costs. […] A challenge for Martin in terms of production and consumption; he examined certain traditional practices and the numerous lives of a single piece of fabric in a household. He developed an urban and contemporary fashion brand based on this traditional principle. […] The revalorization of practices borrowed from the “less developed” rural context in an urban and contemporary context offers a sustainable alternative to the consumer trends of big cities inspired by the west. Martin successfully assimilated the needs and expectations of urban youth. The possible transformations add value through the prolonged durability of the product, the flexibility of uses corresponds to the frenetic pace of life in perpetually changing cities and the taking of control by users is particularly relevant in the age of social networks. Fundamentally, the value of traditional practices is recognized here for practical rather than sentimental reasons, a real cross-cultural innovation for a durable and ethical model in a “multi-speed” country. "

Hélène Thébault
MDes Transcultural Design Coordinator – India Studio

This project is selected for Design L’Expo 2019 and will be exhibited from December 19th 2019 to March 1st 2020 at la Cale 2 Créateurs.


End of studies internship, interior design agency Ultraconfidentiel, New Delhi

Thesis on the use or reuse of pieces of material for various uses in everyday life

MDes Transcultural Design / India Studio, L’École de Design Nantes Atlantique, New Delhi, India

BDes Product Design, L’École de Design Nantes Atlantique

Start small, be fair, add a poetic touch to achieve something great.


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