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// Delphine Bagnol

Design inspired by the codes of partying

Various formats and recipes

The project in video

Video: Wow! by Benoît Millet, New Eating Habits Design Lab Director

Drinking water on a night out must be made easy to combine health, partying and pleasure. Wow! goes hand in hand with drinking alcohol during a night out with its fluorescent ice lollies. Packaged in watertight cups, they can be eaten like an ice-cream or melted and drunk in liquid form. Sold at bars in nightclubs with various formats and recipes, the Wow! range also includes communication and marketing tools.

“Night owls don’t exactly have the healthiest eating habits: they often drink too much alcohol or binge on sugary or fatty foods, not to mention smoking or using other drugs. Partying is an important part of life for young people today, and it has become a key question of public health. Delphine addressed these issues with a lot of pragmatism and carried out investigative work in the field and with specialists, identifying behavior patterns, addictions and nutritional needs. During her observations, Delphine managed to maintain a certain distance from her subject of study, which was in itself a veritable challenge. She looked specifically at the question of hydration and the problems associated with drinking enough water in bars and nightclubs. The solution she came up with for this problem is a remarkable demonstration of design inspired by the codes of partying and nightlife, making her project desirable to the relevant public. It consists of a range of ice lollies with added vitamins, fluorescent colors and glitter, cleverly designed with an original lolly stick which doubles as a straw.“

Benoît Millet, New Eating Habits Design Lab Director


After a Bachelor’s Degree in product development at the university of Antwerp in Belgium, Delphine decided to apply and extend her design skills in the food sector. She subsequently enrolled on the Master’s degree in New Eating Habits at L’École de design. Following her final internship in Amsterdam (Netherlands) at Enbiun, a design agency specialized in services and the food industry (consulting and concepts for catering, retail & branding), she was hired as a food concept designer for innovative restaurant services and research into food trends to generate more forward-looking internal projects.

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