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Materials Workshop

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// 2nd year apprentices in the product design vocational program

The aim of the workshop done between November 19th to 24th 2017 in Barcelona at ELISAVA was to provide participants with a hands-on experience in wearable futures and explore the role of the body in designing them. Different case studies were introduced to illustrate emerging design practices in the wearable/soft domain. Starting from beginner level, participants were progressively introduced to smart and functional materials. A series of small workshop like activities provided hands-on experience and methods based on embodied design ideation. In parallel, participants were encouraged to work in small groups to reflect on the activities done, its implications in the design process and, a possible integration in their own practices.
Since one of the most significant applications of wearable technology is in the field of fashion, participants have been coached by Saúl Baeza and Oscar Tomico. Saúl is the Co-founder of Studio DOES, a Barcelona based design and experimentation office, which combines the creation of fashion collections with product design, wearable technology, textile investigation and consultancy services. Oscar is Head of the Design Engineering Bachelor Program at ELISAVA and Assistant Professor at the Designing Quality in Interaction Research Group and part of the ID Wearable Senses Lab at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

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