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Fashion show and video mapping

#interaction design #spatial design #undergraduate studies

// Students in 3rd year bachelor program in scenography design and interaction design

Discover the video.

This transversal workshop took place between 15 and 19 May 2017 and was run by Elisabeth AUSINA (scenographer), Guillaume MARMIN (director), Frédérique Letourneux (sociologist) and Léo Guillaume (stage director).

In the course of this transversal workshop, students were asked to achieve the following goals:

• Design a fashion show for a brand or designer using mapping techniques in the set design in a practical and relevant way;
• Design the overall look of the fashion show and stage a specific moment of the catwalk show (think about the universe, volumes, colors, materials, still or animated graphics, the models’ routes, the choreography, etc.);
• Think about how the models walk the catwalk;
• Think about the position of the spectators watching the fashion show;
• Think about the role of audio and digital technology for part of the show;
• Consider the graphic design and artwork associated with the brand;
• Think about the spectator experience.

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