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Coral reefs

#graphic design #undergraduate studies #workshop

// Louise Chapalain, Thalia Falourd, Alizée Parry et Hubert Bezard

Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, the Great Barrier Reef stretches about 345,000 km2 along the east coast of Australia, but it has lost over half of its coral cover in the last 27 years due to storm damage and bleaching caused by global warming. According to scientists, the reef could continue to deteriorate by as much again by 2022 if nothing is done to protect it.

The object consists of a wooden (beech) base on which are presented the corals made of orange transparent plexiglass as well as the temperature curve in white perforated plexiglass which has been sanded for a matt finish.
The caption is screen-printed using white and orange ink to match the color scheme of the object.

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