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#exhibition #product design #undergraduate studies

// Perrine Bader, Clément Lemière, Aurélia Maurin, Pauline Jouitteau

Discover the video of "Woody"

The smart family calendar. Situated at the heart of your home, WOODY could soon become indispensable for every family.
Combined with a mobile application, it synchronizes the daily timetables of each member of the family to give a clear overview of everyone’s activities.
You can consult, add or modify events. The timetables for the current day and days to come can be consulted by lightly touching the discs.
The highlighted zones correspond to the different time slots of a full day and show whether a person is busy. The different colors represent the nature of the absence (work, appointments, activities, etc.) Both children and parents can use it to communicate easily with one another and this connected base also lets you keep in touch by leaving voicemail messages.




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