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// Estelle Riggenbach

Discover the video of the "WHISher" project

WISHer is a floral guide which helps clients select the plants best suited to their personal environment.
Using a system of interactive selection, the plants corresponding to the preselected characteristics light up before the client. When clients arrive in front of WISHer, they have to make choices based on 3 different criteria which decide on the plants that are compatible with their garden for example. First, they have to choose the type of sunlight (direct, mixed, shady), then a type of foliage (evergreen, semi-evergreen, deciduous) and finally 3 price brackets (3€-10€, 10€-20€, >20€). To make their choices, they must turn the 3 potentiometers located in the center of the flowers. Each time they turn a potentiometer, the gauge of a dial lights up to indicate that their choice is validated. At the same time, the plants displayed before the client gradually light up as they meet the chosen criteria. So once the 3 potentiometers have been activated and the 3 criteria validated, the client can see the highlighted selection of plants which would be suitable for his/her own environment.
In order to inspire the client, each family of plants (interior, exterior, succulents, etc.) is presented in a different themed setting depending on special offers or seasonal events (Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, etc.)

WISHer has been rewarded by the jury of D.U. DESSiiN 2016.



Estelle Riggenbach

Après un cycle bachelor spécialisé en Design d’espace, Estelle s’est dirigée vers un programme de cycle master en UX Design / Interfaces tangibles. Elle a également suivi un cursus en double diplôme avec le D.U. DESSiiN (DESign de Services Interactifs INnovants Objets communicants & Interfaces tangibles) qui lui a permis de travailler en binôme avec Victorien Avon, élève ingénieur, sur la réalisation de son projet de fin d’études. Après un stage chez Smart Design à Londres, elle est à la recherche d’un poste en Europe en tant que service/UX designer junior.
Sa devise : « S’intéresser à l’autre, c’est commencer à vivre. »

Victorien Avon, ingénieur en binôme sur ce projet

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