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Wild’n craft

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// Gaëtan Guillaumin

Presentation of the Wild’n craft knife and its various tools

Wild’n’Craft knife

Inbuilt compass


Use scenarios for the knife

Gaëtan Guillaumin got involved in survivalism for the final project of his industrial design Bachelor’s degree. He came up with a tool adapted to survival in the wilderness: the knife.

The final Bachelor’s project encourages the student to make full use of the various skills gained during the Bachelor’s program. It requires the student to implement an independent design process using:

Working on an identified issue, the individual project is an opportunity for the student and future designer to analyze a context and propose working areas based on design values and to implement autonomously a process of exploration, investigation and reflection but also of production and creation.


Gaëtan Guillaumin is a 3rd year bachelor program student in Industrial Design.

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