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// Alice Le Mouël

Vertigo reclaims blind walls (walls with no windows or other openings) by using them as community gardens for the residents of apartment blocks. Using an off-ground method of hydroponic cultivation consisting of prefabricated wooden platforms stacked one above the other using removable and reusable structures, the project addresses the issues of ecology and urban environments. The vertical surface replaces the ground surface and provides a new way of re-densifying the area.

“The project focuses on blind walls, residual surface areas resulting from various urban planning regulations enforced over the years. Alice considered these walls as a non-space, inert, literally turning their back on the city, and her approach was to view them as a surface with something to offer; a surface whose potential was just waiting to be revealed. Vertigo reclaims these surfaces by giving them a new purpose - that of community gardens intended for the residents. Vertigo deals with the environment, in the wider sense of the term - the urban environment but also ecology - and poses the question of property: how can we tackle the issue of densification today while also considering economies of land and materials? “Soft” densification preserves real estate and is respectful of the context and local resources, with the requirement of reusing construction materials. The question of citizen participation in constructing cities and public spaces is also addressed, with program options being designed collaboratively. […] The facades are also addressed since the attractiveness and vitality of the areas located at the foot of the building are directly linked to the habitats. Their quality of use and comfort also guarantees the smooth democratic running of cities. It’s a reinterpretation of the city that turns traditional plans on their head: an innovative approach which shows a shift in the vision that we have of space, paving the way for urban design.”

Christine Vignaud, Course leader - Sustainable Cities

Étoile de l’Observeur de la ville de Paris 2016.


Alice Le Mouël


After completing a bachelor’s degree in Product Design, Alice took a MDes in Mutations of the Built Environment. Thanks to the internships that she did during her course at Marcel By and Colonel in Paris and Barber Osgerby in London, she had the opportunity to gain a better understanding of furniture and home accessories. In everyday life, her motto is “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Alice is planning to set up a creative studio/showroom largely devoted to design for children.  

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