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University Library

#apprenticeship #projects #spatial design

// Raphaëlle Blond

As part of their vocational training in Spatial Design, students had the opportunity to work on the redevelopment study for both the interior and exterior of the Science, Technology and STAPS University Library located on the Lombarderie campus in Nantes.

Constructed in 1962, the University Library is very typical of libraries of that era. As a result, it needs to be updated to suit modern needs in terms of uses, users and standards.
The managers of the University Library wanted it to become a space for discussion, culture and sharing, offering students additional facilities to support personal development and contribute to the success of projects.
Raphaëlle Blond, a student in her second year of vocational training in spatial design, chose to develop an area located at the entrance of the university library.

The project will be completed in the UL entrance area and will cover more than 200m2. It will include a place of passage and access between the outside, the study rooms and the exhibition room. Raphaëlle Blond’s project captures the idea of a dynamic split to allow the user’s body and mind to take a break from their studies without having to move too far away. Relaxation, energy, a sense of togetherness, flow, warmth and circulation are the key ideas for this project.
To improve accessibility for everyone, it has been designed for people to circulate around the walls. To add to this, a mezzanine projects over the inside/outside entrance, and creates a corridor separating the relaxation area from the study spaces. To make this mezzanine more attractive, the straight shape has been curved and is supported by the existing load-bearing parts.

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