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Tyvek Workshop

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// 2nd year students in BDes Transport Design

The 2nd year students in BDes Transport Design have developed ingenious processes to create volume with the paper.

The students have used different folding and assembling methods.

Texture and colour are as important as creating the volume with the paper.

2018 Tyvek workshop video

From 19 to 23 February 2018, under the guidance of Grégory Parsy from Pade Design, the students developed projects through the filter of a material and its format: a sheet of paper.

Firstly, they had to study the characteristics, qualities and opportunities using an intuitive approach consisting of experimentation. There have been countless uses for this material through the ages, so it is a good idea to have a look at some of them to fuel your own research. Working with sheets, whether of paper, steel or plastic, has always played a role in manufacturing objects; it is thus a general theme which enabled the students to transpose their research onto other projects.
The aim of the workshop was to create objects or installations which add value to Tyvek. The final constraint involved the dimensions of the creations which should not exceed one cubic meter. The success of the project depended on the formatting of the paper, the techniques tested and the careful use of this new know-how for functional and esthetic purposes.

To achieve this, the students developed ingenious processes, both simple and sophisticated, to create volume with the paper. Their experiences and the uses that they envisaged were thought through simultaneously, each informing the other. They therefore identified a research focus for a project in which the paper and the way it is used are inextricably linked. Different types of product were tried out: clothing, bags, pockets, lights, small architectural forms, dividers, etc. The students studied techniques and methods of folding, cutting, making patterns, assembling, gluing, stitching, perforating… They also learnt to understand texture, in other words the appreciation of the material, its transparency, its feel, the way it reflects light, its flexibility, its lightness - in short, the poetry of the paper and its color. All these choices helped give their project its identity, but also allowed them to explore and invent new uses.


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