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// Guillaume Bonnin

The modification of intestinal flora is a frequently overlooked public health problem which is at the root of numerous ailments. Lactic bacteria and yeasts must be included in our daily diet to provide sources of probiotics to preserve microbiota. Trybu is a range of lactic bacteria presented in the form of tasty snacks. These frozen dietary supplements are ready to eat thanks to a reusable shaker specially designed for the purpose.

“We have a second brain tucked away in our stomach. Guillaume turned his attention to this brain and, more precisely, its microbiota (editor’s note: all the microorganisms inhabiting a microbiome, in other words a defined living environment). The proper functioning of our intestines and the bacteria which reside in it affects the performance of our immune system and metabolism. It is possible to keep this microbiota healthy through probiotic sources. Guillaume therefore aimed to introduce lactic acid bacteria into our daily food intake. Trybu is a range of smoothies made from kefir (a fermented milk beverage) and fruit presented in a shaker. It is a comprehensive design-led food innovation project which incorporates not only the presentation of the product but also a large quantity of technical data and scientific research. Guillaume has developed his product bearing in mind every aspect of its use scenario, from the point of consumption to its distribution method. This global approach is the strength of his work.”

Benoit Millet, Director - New Eating Habits Design Lab


This project will be exhibited at the Global Grad Show 2016 during the Dubai Design Week, from October 24th to October 29th 2016.


Guillaume Bonnin

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Product Design, Guillaume went on to do a MDes in New Eating Habits. The projects carried out in partnership with Terraillon and Tipiak Frozen Ready Meals during his course and his work placement in Caiman Design agency taught him a lot about packaging solutions and innovation for food. Today he has opted to set up his own company in order to provide users with appropriate and innovative food solutions. At the same time, he is working on product design and food design projects for agencies.


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