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#events #exhibition #product design

// Suzanne BERTRAND-SULEM, Quentin MANAC’H et Fabien PROUST


Toutem is a piece of furniture that allows you to exercise at home. The circle, the cross, the square and the triangle from the PlayStation are the starting point of our work. Lots of exercises are possible with these four modules that have been reshaped in order to adapt to the user’s body. The circle becomes a pair of dumbbells, the cross allows you to do sit-ups, the triangle becomes a sport mat and you can do step exercises on the square. The four modules and several shelves are all fixed on a steel rail. The height of each element can be adjusted by the user. Thanks to the vertical wall arrangement, this totem offers original and optimal storage for books or CDs for example. The fitness modules are integrated subtly in the house and become part of the shelving unit, rather than being stored objects. Toutem allows you to exercise and store your fitness equipment discreetly, without hiding it.

Casual Fitness exhibition will be held during the Fuorisalone at Ventura Lambrate, April 17-21, 2012.

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