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// Laura Scudeletti

Shared workplaces

Two-sided reception

The project in video

Totem addresses the instant need of mobile workers in open and shared workplaces for individual and collective integration. Two-sided reception and expression units to appropriate the space: the “public” side of Totem helps people find their way around with signage, the “private” side is a zone for expression and sharing so that each member of the team has the opportunity to express themselves.

When observing the people around her, Laura started to ask herself why the transition from a traditional workplace to a so-called Flex Office space could have such a negative impact on employee motivation and morale. By extension, and thanks to extended research, one of the problems highlighted was the lack of ownership of the workplace by the various colleagues of the same company. Totem will bring back dialogue and communication to the company by personalizing the workstation to the person occupying it while at the same time respecting the founding principles of the Flex Office. The use of digital technologies makes it possible to provide very versatile modules at an affordable price. The companies mobilized around Laura’s project have been very interested in her solution which addresses a very real need that she had previously identified and labelled. This was already a big step forward for companies who had sensed the discomfort within their teams without being able to identify the cause. They were then presented with a genuine response by a designer who carries out in-depth research before proposing a solution.”

Marion Moussu, Design and Innovation Management Apprenticeship Program Course Leader



After a two-year advanced diploma in product design at Condé School followed by a vocational degree in Packaging and Graphic Objects at Estienne School with an apprenticeship at Bag & Pack, a luxury packaging company, Laura decided to pursue her studies with the Design and Innovation Management apprenticeship program, still at Bag & Pack. Those three years allowed her to develop her skills and gain more responsibility in the design office.
In each of her projects, Laura strives to highlight an object’s primary function and to simplify its use as much as possible.


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