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The Recipe of User Guide

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// Sofia Badoui, Anne-Axelle Bouilly, Marie Visonneau

The Recipe of User Guide

The purpose is to explain how to use an iPad in several stages, with simple terms which are going to speak to the elderly. Indeed, if for us the term "to zoom" is connected to a certain body movements on a touch-sensitive screen, it’s not the same thing for an elderly person. Our "book of recipe" will allow a apprenticeship stage by stage, every recipe (takings) representing a new stage of the apprenticeship. The first stage will be to learnt them the body movements (to zoom, to click, to copy and paste etc.), and the second will be to use the applications of bases of an iPad and so forth.

The choice of the iPad is not harmless, after some researches we were able to notice that the manipulation of the iPad is simpler than using a computer. Indeed, it does not require a connection specific which can annoy the elderly. Furthermore, its use is more intuitive. We are going to touch it with our fingers by selecting the element wanted, the same way we touch the food that we cook.


1st Prize of the Europeen Grandma’s design contest ( Design about food category)


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