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I Am Tangram

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// Victor Caristan

Educational toy

Visual cognition and motor skills

An easy-to-use educational toy, I Am Tangram is specifically tailored to 5 to 12-year-olds with learning difficulties or to children who do not have access to the education system. The design appeal lies in the 3D form of the puzzle which motivates children to take up the challenge and work together to explore the various dimensions. The aim is to teach children to read, count and use logical reasoning but also to improve their visual and motor skills. 

In India, many children do not have access to quality learning tools or do not attend school. […] I Am Tangram is based on the idea of encouraging children to play together and on the concept of mutual learning to develop skills […] I’m particularly impressed by this project which focuses on the development of visual cognition and motor skills in children. It’s essential, as many children in India suffer from delayed development at a young age due to malnutrition. Offering these children educational toys helps improve their learning and skills. The final result paves the way for a wide range of similar educational toys for different age groups. […] Victor spent a long time researching existing toys and the lives of children in and out of school. He identified the basic gestures – pinching, grabbing, assembling, touching, but also understanding. These are the basic skills necessary to develop sound motor skills in children.”

Kshitiz Anand, India Studio Course Leader


After a degree in Applied Arts and Design at the university of Nîmes, Victor joined the India Studio in Delhi to follow the Transcultural Design program. His various internships confirmed his choice of product design: at RBC Design Center Montpellier, designer and distributor of contemporary furniture, Design Factory India, international design agency and Port Designs in Paris for his final internship, a design agency and distributor in the sector of luggage and IT accessories.

He is currently looking for a position in a product design agency in Europe, ideally designing furniture or contemporary products.

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