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Take me away

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// Orpha Faramelli

Discover the video of "Take me away"

Take me away is a portable tea-making machine which conserves the health benefits of tea, ensuring the user’s well-being all day long. Economical and easy to use, the machine is programmable and controls all the factors needed to prepare the perfect cup of tea. Take me away can be adapted to suit the user’s needs and gets the best out of the tea leaves.

“Few people are fully aware of the goodness of tea. India is not only a major tea producer in the world, but also a great consumer of this beverage. The project aims to encourage the consumption of this drink all over the world […].

Take me away is a ready-to-use product that is easy to transport and attractive. Its design is based on a study revealing that people consider that preparing a cup of tea is complicated, especially when they drink different qualities of tea. Getting rid of the tea leaves is also a problem. The product has been designed to resolve all these issues: an innovative and appealing way of preparing tea to promote its consumption. An in-depth study of the local situation enabled Orpha to get to grips with the problem in order to find the best solution for everyone.”

Kshitiz Anand, Course leader - Transcultural Design India Studio


Orpha Faramelli

After studying industrial product design for two years at ISD Valenciennes, Orpha joined the International Class at L’École de design. This experience allowed her to talk to international students, discover new cultures and experiment with new ways of working. She continued her studies with the Transcultural Design Master’s program in India. After a final internship in Bilbao, Spain, in the ADN Design studio to learn about applied design, her professional project consists of using the methodologies she has acquired in an international design studio while continuing to be open to new cultures. “Say yes to success and always persevere”.

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