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Sur la route des vacances by Lucile Roux

#Retail and Interior Design #international class #nantes

// Lucile Roux

Muscadet, a white wine with designation of origin, is closely associated with the Loire terroir. It has been produced since medieval times and is the perfect accompaniment to fish and seafood. However, this wine is not very well known and is struggling to restore its image.

Lucile realised that the new generations of wine growers are offering high-end wines to rival the best French crus, and she wanted to showcase them. Her plan was to set up three welcoming and deeply engaging spaces where people attending the Paris Plages event could discover these wines. Visitors can relax by taking a stroll amongst the vines or visiting the beach bar or pop-up store. Lively, fashionable Muscadet, which is ideal for drinking in the summer, is adopting a new image.

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