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// Alexandre Larnac

The project presented by Jean-Yves Chevalier, MDes Course Leader: Design & Innovation in Apprenticeship

With global warming, mountain resorts are going to have to diversify the activities on offer. Squamat, inspired by the movement of reptiles, is intended to provide new thrilling sensations without snow. The electric and convertible device is steered by the body’s movements like in any other sliding sports. Depending on the circumstances, the user lies down to hit the slopes and feel the thrills or stands up for a more relaxing experience resembling cross-country skiing.

“Alexandre discovered the challenges of the mountain universe in the face of global warming during his apprenticeship at Ingenico in Valence. In his final degree project, he examined the future of snow sports – the economic model for mid-mountain resorts. This model is in real danger of being harmed by lack of snow, despite the substantial investments in ski slopes. After a very thorough study of the situation, uses and aspirations of snow sport fans, he decided to propose a project which would satisfy both thrill seekers but also the obligation to safeguard the future of ski domains. This proposal would even make it possible to increase the practice time and therefore make the facilities more cost-effective. A new type of vehicle to conserve the thrill of snow sports, compatible with a coherent system of objects and a credible economic model to preserve existing facilities – this is the result of his remarkable project.”

Jean-Yves Chevalier, Course leader - Design and Innovation Management apprenticeship program

The project has been labellized at the Observeur du design 2018, the largest design competition in France.

Squamat is exhibited at the Global Grad Show within the Dubaï Design Week between 13th and 18th November 2017.


Alexandre Larnac

After an advanced diploma (BTS) in Product Design and a stint in the International Class majoring in Brand Design, Alexandre joined the Master’s program in Design and Innovation Management in apprenticeship. His four-year work-study scheme in the French company MX/Mailleux and Ingenico Group enabled him to discover and broaden his creative skills and gain knowledge both in uses and in industrial processes. The iPOS project – modular payment machine for small traders – which he was involved in during his apprenticeship at Ingenico Group, was accredited at l’Observeur du design 2017. Today he has opted to set up his own company in order to come up with innovative solutions for tomorrow’s users.

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