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The SportGround

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// Robin Pinard

Making sporting activities accessible

Bamboo made installation

The SportGround is a bamboo installation consisting of three modules designed for three age groups between 6 and 14, addressing the problem of lack of space for sports activities in India. The installation’s colorful interactive elements encourage children to take ownership of the space, which is very distinct from the classroom environment. Cheap to build, the installation gives children a better image of sport and its benefits and contributes to their physical and psychological development.

The beauty of the project lies in the simplicity of its implementation for schools. Low production costs and local adaptation make it easy for communities to adopt […]. Children are soon won over and will start using the areas with increasing regularity. Furthermore, it is naturally a relatively universal solution which can be adapted all over the world. The project is of great interest as it looks at the physical activity of schoolchildren and the improvement of their well-being […] It provides a solution by making sporting activities accessible to a much greater number of children from a very young age. Today, even the periods that are supposed to be devoted to sport in Indian schools are not used due to lack of space […]

As a spatial designer, the difficulty consists of making the best use of the available space to provide a better experience in the known context. That is exactly what Robin did, taking advantage of the available space in classrooms, corridors and other empty spaces. After compiling the information collected during visits to schools and from his user survey, he produced a very realistic solution.”

Kshitiz Anand, Transcultural Design India Studio Course Leader


A bachelor’s degree in spatial design led Robin to the Transcultural Design program in the India Studio. This expat experience gave him the chance to see the profession of designer in a very different context. For Robin, design is above all a tool for helping users to function more easily and comfortably in their environment and he is particularly fond of social design. His final internship which he carried out at GDN architecture firm in Santiago, Chile allowed him to discover another environment. With a taste for challenge, Robin would like to work as a spatial designer abroad.

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