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Solidarity workshop

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3rd year students in the vocational program in Material and Modelling Design, worked on the improvement of an efficient wood stove for Guinea. 

Their started from a scenario based on years of use of the oven and brought solutions in response of the problematics raised. The local constraints in terms of material, maintenance and end of life were at the core of their reflexions. The proposals took into account the limited ressources, production costs for series, and the maintenance processes allowing a longer lifetime for the user, keeping in mind the social and economical context.

They were coached for this week workshop by 2 associations: Coopération Atlantique Guinée 44 that spreads the use of these stoves locally, and Bolivia Inti that helps project holders in this field nad specialized in solar and wood ovens. The tutors were Clément Livenais and Pierre Malige.


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