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Smart Mobility

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// Clément Breuille

Smart Mobility is an intuitive digital application which communicates with its environment to offer a ubiquitous experience when choosing a mode of transport, a route or services available in waiting areas. Taking into account the user’s choices, the application calculates the best route based on personal and environmental data.

“Clément’s project, Smart Mobility, deals with the question of urban travel as a personal experience, adapted to each different user and context, from the choice of transportation and route to the waiting areas themselves. From the intuitive digital application that communicates with the environment to the creation of physical spaces transformed into multimodal nodes transmitting information in real time over the whole network, Smart Mobility offers a ubiquitous experience. […] The potential for digital technology to enhance facilities in waiting areas was a no-brainer […]. The space is tailored to the application with new functions: from now on you can not only see the progress of your bus or tramway in real time, but also organize the next stage of your journey or recharge your smartphone. Waiting becomes a whole new ball game when the infrastructure is totally digitalized. The question of dematerialization and therefore of resource saving is obviously fundamental when it comes to sustainable cities, but digital infrastructure is just as important. Until now information has always been materialized in the form of large-scale urban projects and major axes structuring the city and making it easier to find our way around. Today, smart cities no longer really need great breakthroughs to help us find our way around. With smartphones we don’t get lost anymore in cities. The links between spatial order and the organization of information are becoming less important with new modes of composition, objects to be invented and the whole field of urban design to be rethought.”

Christine Vignaud, Course leader - Sustainable Cities


Clément Breuille

After completing a bachelor’s degree in interaction design, Clément went on to specialize in new mobilities to address the issues found in the Smart City. He carried out his MDes degree in this field while at the same time doing a Master’s in business administration at l’IEMN-IAE de Nantes. After completing a first work placement at AliveMobile in Sydney (Australia) and a final internship at Tigerspike in London (United Kingdom), he began his career working as a designer at Tigerspike in Sydney where he was able to focus on digital technology and urban mobility.


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