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Skope : l’horloge intelligente

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// Alexandra Abidji

Skope lets you materialise your energy consumption and helps change behaviour to reduce your ecological footprint. The smart clock centralises all the data regarding consumption and domestic pollution. By recording the characteristics of the housing and behaviour of the inhabitants, Skope automatically adapts its programming and helps you save money without ever reducing your everyday comfort.

“Energy issues are a major concern in sustainable cities, but most of the time these issues remain abstract and difficult to understand at user level. How and when should we act? Skope provides clear and easy-to-understand information about electricity consumption which is likely to influence behaviour and to smooth consumption over the day, avoiding spikes in energy consumption which is an issue at the heart of smart grids or smart cities. This is an iconic project in our vision of design: How to incorporate complex information into an object and “everyday aesthetics” (mirror, product design) that are easily understood by users? This project, which is the result of a broad interdisciplinarity (particularly engineers and sociologists), doesn’t stop there: Alexandra continues to develop her project in collaboration with users and designers to make the graphic interface more user-friendly.”

Florent Orsoni, director of the Sustainable Cities Design Lab


Alexandra Abidji

Alexandra did a bachelor’s degree in product design followed by a master’s program in Mutations of the Built Environment where she focused on service design in an urban context. Her final internship in the Designer Brands Fragrances department at L’Oréal Luxe enabled her to gain a new area of expertise. Alexandra has learnt how to make the luxury sector accessible to the general public by using story-driven sensory experiences in retail outlets to convey the brand’s values.
Her adventure at L’Oréal Luxe continues as a junior retail designer.

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