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#exhibition #product design #undergraduate studies

// Morgane Boulet, Elliot Mouchère, Charlotte Quesnel, Laurila Buratti

Discover the video of "Sezam"

The new way of holding meetings. Sezam is a functional, compact and easy to use furniture unit for meetings. Made out of 3-ply pine, it fits perfectly into a professional context. Sezam can be leant against the wall to save space while still serving numerous functions.
Its two revolving tablets offer a large work surface allowing up to 5 people to have a discussion, either standing up or seated. The stools are easily accessible and are stabilized by simply swiveling their feet. The unit houses a short-throw video projector that projects information on the wall upon which Sezam is leant. Finally, you can also use it to charge all your electronic devices thanks to its many easily accessible sockets.

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