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// Etienne Coutable

Discover the video of the project "S’Cool"

Riding a bike should be promoted at a very early age so it becomes a part of everyday life. Parents must feel sufficiently reassured about their child’s security, visibility, protection and comfort to consider doing the school run on bikes. S’cool offers back protection in the event of a fall, a unique luggage-carrier for carrying a bag adapted to the child’s morphology and designed to carry their helmet during the day. When the child arrives at school, they simply turn the bag around to reveal its straps and pop it on their back!

“S’cool is a comprehensive system aimed at school children to encourage them to adopt motor-free mobility between school and home. Etienne focused on the question of bikes. His perspective is simple: in order for it to become a part of everyday life, riding a bike should be promoted at a very early age. But there are many brakes: instability due to baggage, dangers on the road… how can they be addressed? There are several ways of solving the problem: infrastructure, modes of transport and also the question of the accessory which is much more than just an “accessory”. Etienne examined the question from every angle, and we have agreed to come up with a “detail” which isn’t a detail at all when it comes to promoting new mobility practices: it’s the S’cool project. The project is completely in keeping with the themes of the Sustainable Cities Design Lab and our approach to design: a global system for promoting “soft” mobility which is central to the sustainable city concept. The “back pack”, with its very sophisticated safety mechanism and strap system, is only the tip of the iceberg: the innovation lies in its capacity to change the daily reality of cycling and to work closely with schools and parents which was the case throughout the project. Etienne has some potential contacts for future developments: companies like Décathlon are very interested in this type of project which combines technological innovation and societal vision.”

Florent Orsoni - Director of the Sustainable Cities Design Lab


Etienne Coutable


After completing a degree in sociology as well as a Master’s in Human Resources at l’Université Catholique de l’Ouest, Etienne worked for one year as a recruitment officer before joining L’École de design Nantes Atlantique. He completed a Bachelor’s degree in Product Design followed by a Master’s degree in New Mobilities. Today he hopes to get a job in a design studio in Copenhagen in Denmark, a city he knows well since he carried out his final internship at Johannes Torpe Studio.

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