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// Marianne Javelot

Discover the video of the project "SathSath"

SathSath addresses a local problem linked to economic, social and environmental issues through the creation of a community of farmers and consumers in Bangalore (India). Adapting CSA to the Indian context promotes “healthy eating for healthy living” and aims to showcase local organic producers. Consumers are committed to helping farmers in a win-win relationship.

“In the last few years, India has seen an increasing number of suicides in the farming community as well as increasingly unhealthy eating habits in city-dwellers. SathSath is based on a concept of community-supported agriculture in which farm producers are in direct contact with the consumer to solve these two problems. City-dwellers should give their support to local farmers and learn more about where their food comes from. It is also a means of limiting waste in production and consumption. SathSath promotes the consumption of organic farm produce and helps make people aware of the importance of a healthy diet. By dealing directly with the farmers, the consumers benefit more from organic produce. SathSath includes several different services: collection of baskets, events to bring together the key actors, information workshops and an on-line platform to track the deliveries, meetings and various events. Similar to the concept of farmers’ markets, in this case the end consumer is committed to supporting certain farmers through a subscription, in a win-win relationship. […] Communities have a lot to gain by organizing SathSath events. Marianne’s project is interesting because it takes into account the system as a whole, with well-designed and attractive promotional aids for consumers and a very well thought out and defined strategy.”

Kshitiz Anand, Course leader - Transcultural Design India Studio


Marianne Javelot


After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, Marianne decided to pursue the Master’s degree in Transcultural Design in India. The international context enabled her to develop her flexibility and her empathy, but also to think about ethical questions, which is vital for a designer. After doing her final internship at Nouvel Œuvre in Paris, she is now working as a freelance graphic designer and artistic director for various French and international clients.

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