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// Valentin Porchet & Charlotte Sferruzza

Discover the video "Roméo"

Our aim is to improve long-distance communication for people living/working away from home temporarily. We decided to concentrate on the case of sailors on long sea voyages who are subject to several major constraints. Our challenge was to find a sensitive solution to long-distance communication at sea.

Roméo is a touch-sensitive device which allows people to share a moment of connection through their fingertips despite the distance. Each person is represented by a colored dot and can write or draw something on the screen. The words/pictures will be transmitted across the ocean in real time, or can be retransmitted later if the two people aren’t using the device at the same time. Even with an ocean separating you, Roméo helps you feel closer to the people you love.
Designed to help sailors feel less cut off from their families, Roméo allows both synchronous and asynchronous communication so it can be used whatever the quality of connection. It can also be used by other professions who are often away from home (e.g. tourist industry, soldiers, etc.)

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