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Réservoir de ciel

#mutations of the built environment

// Céline Hervé

This project applies to old buildings with small courtyards or interior light shafts. Despite their name, these openings often bring very little natural light into the apartment buildings.

The reflective façade imagined by the designer allows the light from the skylights to be amplified in order to optimise the use of natural daylight in the rooms. The small courtyard is transformed into a “Réservoir de ciel”.

Panels of carefully angled mirrors on interior walls and a glass roof at ground floor level with a reflective system collect the redistributed natural daylight. It provides a spectacular feature at the heart of the apartment building whilst preserving the outlook. This installation improves the lighting quality but also increases heating comfort by isolating the walls from the outside (curtain-type ventilated façade).

Réservoir de ciel connects the inhabitant to the outdoors; it restores value to blind windows often found in studies, bedrooms or kitchens, where soundproofing is a priority, compared with the façades which are noble sources of light looking out onto the activity of the streets. The “light show” continues on into the night thanks to the inclusion of polycarbonate panels with built-in LEDs. The sky is reflected endlessly night and day for the pleasure and comfort of all the inhabitants.

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