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// Digital Culture MDes students

The projets have been evaluated on their interaction with the visitors, among other criteria.

During the workshop, Digital Culture MDes students worked on different themes.

FELD studio for digital crafts - a Berlin based design studio - managed the workshop.

Paul Bouisset, alumni 2017, works as an Interaction Designer at FELD where he did his end of studies internship.

The students have submitted their projects to Stereolux at the end of the worlshop.

“Highlight”, project by Alexandre Deffenain, Antoine Boucher, Raphael Duclos and Solène Herrgott

The READiolux workshop in video

The Digital Culture MDes students worked on propositions for an interactive exhibit as part of Stereolux venue’s 10th anniversary. The workshop was managed by FELD studio for digital crafts where alumni 2017, Paul Bouisset, did his end of studies internship and is currently working.

Each group of students worked on a specific theme amongst: diversity of music events, public diversity, Stereolux & international, Scopitone festival, events communications, Stereolux & education. At the end of the week, students have been scoring on the following prerequisits: UX concept & relevance, visitor impact & interaction design, execution quality and oral presentation. The different projects have been submitted to Stereolux on October 18th 2018.

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