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Qing Che

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// Alizée Lambert

Qing Che

Offering a bespoke experience in China’s world of luxury

The social representation aspect is particularly strong in China’s luxury sector. How can customisation be a lever for innovation through design and offer Chinese consumers a new purchasing experience?

The aim of the project is to give a luxury distinction to an ancestral product: a grain-based spirit called baijiu. Not only does it involve creating a new service, but also creating a relationship based on trust and helping customers to share their experience.

The brand name, "Qing Che", refers to the purity of the water in Chinese culture and the total transparency of the baijiu manufacturing process. Inside the Qing Che shop, customers can create their own customised baijiu by choosing the grain type and fermentation time, etc. Customers then have to wait between six months and two years before collecting the precious bottle. Once the process is complete, it will be given to the customer in a box containing a booklet summarising various pieces of information about the baijiu so that the final tasting can be a shared experience.

This project is exhibited at Hangar 32 at “Design l’Expo”, from 28th November 2014 to 25th January 2015.

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