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// Pierre Fontaine - Daphnée Belleil - Karine Degorre - Hélène Engelaere - Marine Le Razavet - Alexis Rocher


Children are the most vulnerable people during a catastrophe. The students chose to put them at the heart of their reflexion.

The idea and objective is to create a comforting psychological and physical bubble, creating a poetic universe for families with round and flexible shapes. PuppaLuz allows children to disconnect from the surrounding chaos for a certain period of time. With the leisure capsule, they are able to take great comfort from its poetic atmosphere. Inside the tent, they can play, have a nap or a rest.

A lamp is suspended in the tent like in a shell, with characters and geometrical forms that can be transformed to create a shadow puppet show, providing a reassuring environment for children. The lamp works with a flexible photovoltaic film (Armor’s OPV technology) placed on the outside of the canvas. As a nesting doll, children discover first the tent, then the light followed by the game and the shadow show.

This project is part of the exhibition "Survival" from L’École de design Nantes Atlantique - Salone Internazionale del Mobile à Milan from April 7 to 13, 2014 - Salone Satellite stand B-37.

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