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// Thibaut Godard

It is always difficult to choose a wine in France. The overwhelming number of bottles on supermarket shelves and the multitude of information given for each product (AOC, vintage, brand, description, technical data, nomes, mandatory information, price and labels) make it difficult to understand exactly what is in the bottle.

In addition, French wine producers like to respect a strict graphic code in terms of the label, whereas other wine-producing countries are extremely innovative in this respect.

“Porcelain” is a range of nine wines from Bordeaux packaged in 33 cl porcelain bottles.

The range comes in a presentation box including nine 6 cl wine-tasting tubes. Each phial is marked with a letter corresponding to a particular wine from the range. A colour code accompanies this system of letters to enable the consumer to instantly identify his/her favourite wines. The Porcelain container offers an innovative and original concept for the bottle-opening ritual. You do not uncork it but instead delicately break the neck of the bottle.

The use of porcelain draws a parallel between the world of wine and that of perfume thus feminising the product, in line with changing consumer habits. Besides the sensual aspect of porcelain, this material conveys the values of savoir-faire, heritage and culture, far beyond a label…

These values, which seem dear to the younger generations, will make them aware of unusual codes in France in terms of wine, allowing them to develop their tastes and learn about wine differently.

The codes and rites associated with the "Porcelain" concept could also be exploited and developed in wine bars.

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