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// Alizée Parry

Plak is a taste chart enhancing visitors’ experience at the museum.

The visitor can walk through the gallery enjoying a taste experience.

Every taste reflects an artistic movement.

The aim is to draw more people at the museum offering a memorable experience.

Enjoy a delicious mouthful while admiring a painting? Alizée took on this challenge. It takes the form of a flavor chart, and the selection is tailored to the type of art on display. Plak is based on the uses of the visitor and the requirements of the museum. Result: visitors stroll around the museum and their experience is enhanced by new emotions and sensations. Taste and sight complement one another offering a unique experience. As for the museums, they provide a sophisticated and original sensory experience. Plak is a dynamic concept which can be adapted in the future to tasting music, theatre or dance…

" Art, good enough to eat is the theme of this project. When visiting a museum, art and food are disconnected in order to protect the collection. However, there is a strong presence of food in art collections. Food and eating is the subject of many art pieces, especially paintings. What if you could eat art? What would it taste like? Which art movement would you choose to eat? And what if we cross the boundary to allow visitors to eat at the museum? What if eating at the museum became an art event or an intervention in its own right? With the aim to make museums more profitable and accessible by attracting more visitors, Alizée Parry designed a memorable sensory experience of edible art, which legitimizes eating at the museum. Choosing to focus on paintings, Alizée curated ingredients and colors carefully to create new food products that best express and reflect the ideologies and spirit of different historical art movements. By combining both taste and visual memories, Alizée added a new dimension to viewing art and designed a memorable experience that evokes different emotions through new eating habits. This project intensifies the museum experience and has the potential to evolve the function of museums by engaging visitors in eating symbolically our beloved art. "

Dolly Daou
Food Design Lab Director

This project is selected for Design L’Expo 2019 and will be exhibited from December 19th 2019 to March 1st 2020 at la Cale 2 Créateurs.



2019 – present
Junior Designer, Peter Schmidt Group, branding, packaging and corporate design agency, Hamburg, Germany

End of studies internship, Pearlfisher, branding and packaging agency, Copenhagen, Denmark

MDes Brand Design & Food, Food Design Lab, L’École de Design Nantes Atlantique

Thesis on eating habits in museums

BDes Graphic Design, L’École de Design Nantes Atlantique

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