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// Léa Pellerin

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Pleasure, conviviality and sharing

With Papilles, expats discover new products and the French food culture. They experience a typically French moment of gastronomic pleasure. With its packaging which disregards established codes, boxes of chocolates and cheeses are presented in bite-sized mouthfuls, with an explanatory note to accompany the tasting. To be enjoyed as an aperitif or as a gift, these boxes represent part of French gastronomy and the codes surrounding it: pleasure, conviviality and sharing. 

For the French, food is not just about nutrients and calories. It bears witness to our culture and the wealth of our regions. Our first experience of a foreign country necessarily involves food. This relationship differs according to whether we are a tourist, expat or immigrant. Léa focused on this finding and on the welcome given to expats in France. She carried out a very comprehensive study on these people which included a wide range of different nationalities. She successfully identified both the misconceptions of foreigners about French gastronomy and eating habits, but also their curiosity and desires. Papilles, her final degree project, is initiatory and very French: a range of tasting presentation boxes containing a bite-sized selection of cheeses. […] She therefore shifts the register of eating cheese at the end of a meal to enjoying it as an aperitif or a tasting experience. This shift in representations was at the heart of her graphic design work. What exactly are the codes of eating cheese or a box of chocolates? The anthropological issues of food and eating occupy a prominent place in the Design Lab’s research. Léa managed to combine this analytical work with an exploratory graphic approach which was creative and generous.

Benoît Millet, New Eating Habits Design Lab Director


After doing a two-year advanced diploma in Graphic Design majoring in print at Condé school, Léa went on to join the International Class at l’école de Design, specializing in Brand Design for her third year of the bachelor’s degree followed by the New Eating Habits program.

Inspired by a genuine passion for graphic design and the work of Philippe Apeloig, his graphic creations as well as his layouts with their different layers of meaning, Léa joined PaperMint, a brand specialized in wall décor set up by Alexandra and Jean-Marc Bruel.

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