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#events #exhibition #product design

// Batia BERTHO, Marjorie BROUDIEU, Salomé LE LAY


Panorama is a carpet, but also a space you can live in. Replacing the sofa, the table and several accessories in the living room, it is made of a soft and quilted carpet, a floor and fixed backrests. Thanks to the holes coming through the backrest, accessories can be fixed on the structure depending on your needs, whether it is for a lamp, a case file or a tablet. For the fitness exercises, you just pull the handles to set the carpet in the appropriate position, thanks to the slots in the basis. The volume created enables to practice strengthening exercises or sit-ups, but is also conceived to rest after the effort. Flexible, the central element allows to work on abdominal oblique muscles or the six pack, without hurting your back. The height can be adjusted to dose the effort and the difficulty. The lateral element, which is harder, allows to practice many different fitness exercises, like push-ups or strengthening.

Casual Fitness exhibition will be held during the Fuorisalone at Ventura Lambrate, April 17-21, 2012.

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