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#exhibition #new mobilities #postgraduate studies

// Loris Pujol


Home-to-work journeys, or commuter flows, often interconnect the suburbs. These journeys are often made by one person in a car. The infrastructure is generally ill-adapted for this purpose.

Cities are not willing to enlarge road infrastructures nor invest in new public transport systems, due to budget restrictions. The solution is therefore to modify the means of travel and people’s habits in order to improve the efficiency of commuter traffic in peri-urban areas.

Oz is a new concept in self-service vehicles offering motorists the comfort and security of a car with the agility and rapidity of a two-wheel vehicle. Powered by an electric motor, Oz is easy and intuitive to drive. All the information is sent to the user via his/her smartphone which acts as a control panel and memorizes the driving information. Users can leave their own vehicle in a Park and Ride facility and take possession of an Oz vehicle reserved beforehand using a dedicated application.

Oz is one of the 18 projects exhibited at Design(s), l’expo 2013.

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