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#contest #digital culture #interaction design

// Simon Bertrand, Corentin Fatus and Vincent Lorant.

Overflown is an experience that gives the user the power to control the wind. It is a mixed reality device that combines a virtual world dream to tangible items. By movements of the hand, the player influences the strength and direction of the wind to control the trajectory of a virtual bubble soap. There are obstacles on the course thereof, the goal is to help avoid them to happen without the burst at the end of his journey.

Installation combines Kinect camera to detect movement of the player, a video projector, and propellers paper, motorized and connected to a Arduino card. These propellers help materialize the wind, making the user experience more immersive.

Overflown won the graphic prize of the Virtual Fantasy contest at Laval Virtual 2014 (Laval, France) and the Special Recognition Award at IVRC 2014 (Tokyo, Japan)



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