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DIY: Outdoors

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// 3rd year students in BDes Product Design

During 12 sessions, the 3rd year students in BDes Product Design developed DIY projects/concepts that can be carried out by the store’s customers in 5 steps.

Small-scale pre-models. The full-size prototypes of the projects will be exhibited on March 19th at Leroy Merlin Rezé.

One of the constraints for this project was to use only materials acquired in the store.

The 3rd year students in BDes Product Design had a 250€ including VAT budget for each concept.

Another constraint: a size corresponding to the trunk of a Kangoo maximum

The Outdoor project involves thinking up and designing an outdoor object based on a sociological, technical and marketing approach. Over 12 sessions, the students worked to rethink the function and form of an object in order to create something truly innovative for Leroy Merlin’s outdoor range, from the design stage to the making of the finished product.

Under the guidance of Bertrand LetourneurJean-Yves Guillet and Arnaud Balduc (designers) and Elise Le Calloch and her team (model workshop), the students had to come up with a new service for Leroy Merlin customers. After in-store DIY classes, 5 step information sheets show how to make 8 pieces of furniture for the garden, patio or balcony using materials and tools from the Leroy Merlin store. The projects address issues experienced by Leroy Merlin customers. Apart from the pleasure of building something themselves, Leroy Merlin customers can also discover 8 projects with real added value compared to the furniture sold by the store.

For this long project, students had to respect certain development constraints:
- working in groups of 4 students
- developing 2 design proposals
- total budget of 250€ including vat
- using only materials acquired in the Rezé Leroy Merlin store
- proposal adapted to a targeted customer profile (young, couple, elderly, etc.) and of a size corresponding to the trunk of a Kangoo maximum.

In the second phase, a permanent exhibition was installed in the entrance hall of Leroy Merlin to demonstrate each group’s creative process in the form of a totem with brackets for the small-scale pre-models together with an explanatory text.

An exhibition launch will take place on Monday 19 March from 6-7pm in the Rezé store of Leroy Merlin, where full-size prototypes of the projects will be on show.

Teaching objectives for the long project

Project management

o Approaching a systemic product/space issue contextualized by a design brief;
o Learning to position oneself in the context (brand & market, philosophy, sociology, technology, etc.) ;
o Understanding the relationship between analysis of the design brief and the creative phase (approaches, sources and concepts);
o Organizing one’s thinking and production in accordance with a precise timetable (sequencing) and meeting deadlines;
o Good teamworking skills in a multi-disciplinary context.

Understanding creative values

o Consistent, relevant and balanced management of use values, technique and identity;
o Uses: ergonomic, sociological development + market approach, service approach if necessary;
o Identity: managing formal codes, and the identity of a product/service and a brand;
o Integration in a given place;
o Technique: exploiting an existing process and possibly proposing creative solutions for new processes. Incorporating the normative elements of furniture.

Project communication (with members of the working team & experts)

o Oral presentation of a project;
o Draft of a qualitative and quantitative summary report of the project, presented as a dossier and fact sheet;
o Production of study and/or communication models on different scales and exhibition to showcase the project.

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