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// Elodie Caron


Our appearance has become a major factor in society today. On the fringes of a cosmetics market dominated by powerful and controversial companies, the consumer is looking for something more authentic with a “DIY” approach.

The preliminary study helped identify certain plants not commonly used in hand-made cosmetics as ingredients, the bathroom as the preparation site and the tools dedicated exclusively to these cosmetics. The aim of the project was to give a glamorous image to homemade cosmetics thanks to a new ritual which respects your skin and the environment.

The major innovation with Osmose is that two well-known extraction processes in plant-based cosmetics, distillation and maceration, can be carried out by you. It’s simple and fun. A compact and attractive appliance lets you produce floral water rich in active plant ingredients thanks to the distiller or essential oils thanks to the maceration capsule. A handy guide, a website and a monthly subscription provide the user with everything she needs.

Osmose is one of the 18 projects exhibited at Design(s), l’expo 2013.

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