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// Alexis Caro

Discover the video of the "Orchestrack" project

Designed to be built into a hi-fi music system as an alternative music source, Orchestrack offers an exceptional musical experience for people who are uncompromising when it comes to the quality and respect of musical masterpieces. It consists of a tripod on which is placed an electronic book. The book is a tangible interface which allows users to access their entire music library in dematerialized form with four operating modes: discovery / play and compare / musician / libretto.

“Orchestrack attempts to synthesize the needs and desires of informed and demanding music enthusiasts. Alexis starts from the premise that the dematerialization of music through file compression leads to a loss in quality and sound restitution. The results can no longer satisfy music lovers. The quality of musical enjoyment experienced in a concert hall or when listening to a record means that enthusiasts find it difficult to appreciate the mass dematerialization of music. A period of immersion in the world of audiophilia helped Alexis understand the challenges of the project and identify various innovation levers. The choice was to go with high resolution audio files (Hi-Res), a costly format but a guarantee of sound quality. It is only possible if the hi-fi equipment being used is capable of doing justice to it. Something soon became clear;the project was heading for a niche market looking for a premium level of service and ready to pay the price. A more detailed study of these potential users led to the detection of very specific listening habits: concentrated listening, scholarly listening, the ability to follow the work played on a score, even the need to compare interpretations and to be able to exchange views. […] Until now, music lovers have had to use a computer to fully enjoy their passion. Alexis’ project is firmly positioned in the world of audiophilia, both from the point of view of form and in terms of the level of service offered. No other product on the market today is in its league.”

Jean-Yves Chevalier, Course leader - Design and Innovation Management apprenticeship program


This project will be exhibited at the Global Grad Show 2016 during the Dubai Design Week, from October 24th to October 29th 2016.


Alexis Caro

 After completing a 2-year advanced diploma in Product Design, Alexis spent 5 years working before deciding to continue his studies, joining the work-linked degree in Design, Materials and Modelling at L’École de design. He did his apprenticeship in the TRATO-TLV group then went on to do the MDes Design and Innovation Management, also as an apprenticeship. During these two years, he was assistant project manager in service design for the Innovation department at La Poste, in the Mail & Parcel Service division. Today he is looking for a job as a product designer.

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