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// Coralie Haegeman

The desk is the size of a large open school book

The working position is adjustable

Orbi is a nomadic desk that allows the child to be mobile and choose where to study

How do you motivate elementary school students to do their homework? At the end of the day, family members are often tired and still have many tasks to deal with. Orbi is a nomadic desk that allows the child to be mobile and choose where to study.

Depending on where the parents are located, the child can move his or her desk around. It is lightweight and comes with a handle. Moreover, the working position is adjustable: standing, sitting on a chair or sitting on the floor. The desk is the size of a large open school book. Orbi is an ideal workspace that transforms homework into a more playful experience.

" For her end of studies project, Coralie examined the issue of homework in primary school. Indeed, homework remains an important point for families, allowing parents to exchange with their child and to feel involved in their learning. It is also an opportunity for the children to better assimilate certain notions.

Thanks to an extensive process of immersion in the families, Coralie identified habits and imagined a product adapted to these users. It targets that specific time at the end of the day when many tasks are happening in various parts of the house. Coralie created Orbi, a nomadic desk where children can do their homework while enjoying their parents’ attention. The parents can get on with the various activities imposed by family life in different places around the home, while at the same time helping their child learn his or her lessons.

Using constraints as a source of innovation: this is a key skill for the designer, who thus creates products that are quickly adopted by their users. "

Marion Moussu - Teaching Manager MDes Design et stratégie de l’innovation


Junior Product & Interface Designer at Delta Dore, Bonnemain, France

2019 - 2021
MDes in Design & Innovation Strategy at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, France

2016 - 2018 (24 months)
Assistant Product Designer at TRATO TLV, Lille, France

2018 - 2019
Bachelor’s degree in Design Modeling & Materials, IUT Nantes, France

2016 - 2018
DN MADE Object at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, France

Motto: "The important thing is not the object but the person." Charlotte Perriand



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