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// Clémence Billaud

Smoother instant messaging

Vocal interaction

Video - Interact more naturally and intuitively.

Video : Octave by Marion Moussu, Design & Innovation Management in apprenticeship Course Leader

Faced with isolation, remote workers often find it difficult to maintain relationships with their colleagues. Octave encourages vocal interaction and gives exchanges between colleagues a greater degree of sensitivity without the dictates of the screen. With its directional speaker, the object provides spontaneous and private transmission of messages. Interaction makes it possible to transcribe conversational rituals in the interface in order to interact more naturally and intuitively.

Clémence’s project developed from a personal questioning about her own integration in the working world in the future, identifying her sources of motivation and ideal working conditions for a fulfilling work environment. She came up with the idea of teleworking as a solution with multiple benefits. Clémence went to great lengths in her field observations. With a critical eye, she was able to identify obstacles and transform them into opportunities for her project. Octave is a device which facilitates communication between teleworkers and their colleagues. Similar to instant messaging but much smoother, it helps people working remotely to communicate informally amongst themselves. The aim is not to let isolation set in for people working remotely. This solution makes use of emerging technologies in an innovative way, giving them a completely new purpose. It was the different methods employed to observe users throughout the process which helped Clémence achieve such an excellent result, with a good balance between personal reflection, empathy and the distance needed for a designer to come up with an appropriate proposal.”

Marion Moussu, Design and Innovation Management MDes program with apprenticeship Course Leader


After doing a bachelor’s degree in Interaction Design, Clémence joined the Design and Innovation Management apprenticeship program at CEA Tech in Grenoble as a UX/UI designer. In a cross-disciplinary approach combining engineering and design, she worked on technological applications in industrial areas of health, security or telecommunications. Clémence supports the ideas of Tristan Harris, who believes that design should allow technology to give the choice back to users, and that human interactions based on compassionate values are key. She would ultimately like to work for a company supporting technology-based projects with a strong social focus.

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