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// Claire Bigrat


Add Note to Note cuisine to your home cooking

Note by Note cuisine, which was created by the physical chemist Hervé This, involves devising new foods using pure food compounds to achieve new forms, flavours, smells, textures, etc. With this huge potential for creation, this cooking method has numerous environmental and nutritional benefits.

How can Note by Note cuisine be made available to the public? Transforming food into compounds currently requires laboratory equipment. This prospective project aims to offer the public an electrical household appliance which can be used to create its range of culinary "notes".

Nook is an electrical household appliance which operates like a centrifuge with various nano-filters. These various nano-filters offer different filtration levels and can extract compounds, from a fruit or vegetable for instance. The project is supported by a mobile application which provides advice and recipes which use food compounds.

This project is exhibited at Hangar 32 at “Design l’Expo”, from 28th November 2014 to 25th January 2015.

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