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#du dessiin #connected objects #digital culture

// Clémence Pujo and Guillaume Clochard

nomad. is a comprehensive service which will help remote teams to work collaboratively.

It is available on working tools such as phones and computers. When they’re working in a more sedentary manner, nomad. takes the shape of an object that allows people to see their colleagues’ “status” in order to optimize their use of communication tools.
It also embodies the informal connection which unites a team, by recreating some of the elements that we can’t see remotely.
Connected to users’ existing services (agenda, email, slack, software, telephone, GPS, weather forecast, etc), it is capable of “reading” their activity and automatically determining a status.

nomad. is a white label product sold to companies that use teleworking and are therefore heavily reliant on new information and communication technologies.

The nomad. service seeks to make the presence of other people tangible and compensate for the dematerialization of work relationships and workspaces.


A project by Clémence Pujo, MDes Tangible UX Design student at L’École de design, and Guillaume Clochard, student engineer at Polytech Nantes, developed as part of the double degree D.U. DESSiiN , a program jointly run by l’Université de Nantes (Polytech Nantes, IAE Nantes), L’École de design Nantes Atlantique and IMT Atlantique.

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