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// Sandrine Bender & Alizée Gottardo

Discover the video "Noa"

Asthma is the most widespread chronic illness: it affects 10% of the world’s children. The basic treatment guarantees a stabilization of the disease, but non-compliance is over 50%. This means that the majority of young asthmatics don’t take their treatment properly, mostly due to forgetfulness. The project is therefore an innovative response to this health problem.

Noa is a companion for taking asthma treatment. It’s an interactive object which aims to set up a routine to accompany the child and prevent them from forgetting to take their treatment which could cause an asthma attack. The little companion is a tangible manifestation of the child’s treatment. It is perfectly adapted to young people as it reminds them of their therapeutic needs, thus helping them become more independent. The little companion helps them learn the treatment routine by becoming part of an established ritual: Noa ritualizes the act of taking medication by integrating the child’s waking up time and bedtime. Finally, it de-dramatizes the act of taking medication by establishing friendly communication with the child: medication times are indicated by the expression on Noa’s face.

The young asthmatic’s parents obviously remain responsible for the proper management of the treatment: Noa therefore comes with an application which helps the patient’s family manage the illness. The app lets you track medication intake which can then be communicated to the doctor. It also has a preventive role by informing parents of environmental risks likely to trigger an asthma attack.


"We have chosen to take part in the D.U. DESSiiN program after graduating from other schools than those involved in this degree. We are respectively graduates from the University of Strasbourg with a Master Product Design and from the graduate engineering school Télécom SudParis. We wanted to do this degree course to work on an innovative project with conditions that allow the hybridation of our respective qualities and the acquisition of new competences. We were able to build a strong framework working on this project, beyond the degree and thus get a valuable professional experience out of it."



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