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Newater Delhi

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// Marie Etlin

The project presented by Kshitiz Anand, Course Leader MDes Transcultural Design India Studio

Discover the video of the "Newater Delhi" project

The project seeks to recycle waste water from buildings using micro-algae and thus provide access to drinking water and produce energy from organic matter. Cellular trays are installed on a bamboo structure which thermally insulates the building. The micro-algae filter the water and their absorption of CO2 produces biomass and therefore energy. Newater Delhi thus conforms to sustainable, responsible and economic values. Improving existing structures is a crucial challenge in India.

“Although it is situated on the banks of the river Yamuna, Delhi faces a severe water crisis like many other cities in India. Newater Delhi brings together the owners of apartment buildings and their inhabitants in order to resolve this increasingly pressing crisis in Indian society. This project’s innovation lies in the capacity to collect waste water for recycling and therefore collect a large quantity of water which can then be used for various household tasks. This project takes into consideration local conditions and addresses several issues - the shortage of water, conservation of water and recycling of waste water.
An in-depth study of the local situation enabled Marie to really get to grips with the problem in order to design an innovative solution which can be implemented with the participation of the various stakeholders. Marie succeeded in keeping a human dimension to the process and giving users their rightful place.”

Kshitiz Anand, Course leader - Transcultural Design India Studio


The project has been labellized Observeur du design 2018, the largest design competition in France.

Newater Delhi is exhibited at the Global Grad Show within the Dubaï Design Week between 13th and 18th November 2017.



Marie Etlin

After completing a bachelor’s degree in spatial design and a first internship in Manila in the Philippines, Marie went to India to join the Transcultural Design Master’s program. She finished her course with an internship in Shanghai, a city she considers to be a veritable laboratory for design research and experimentation. For Marie, it is vital to address the social aspects of environmental issues today. She draws her inspiration from nature’s organic shapes as well as from innovation and pared-down contemporary style. Today, Marie is working as an interior designer at Austerveil Architecture & Design in Shanghai, an agency with a strong focus on the environmental impact of its projects.

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